My Mess is a bit of a Life

My life is definitely a bit messy in a literal sense.  There is lots of glitter in my area rugs and most of my clothing have dried resin in places.  My favorite "nice" shoes have wood stain and paint on the toes.  My garage has been transformed into a workshop, but it still stores our house extras as well as supports the laundry area for the entire household.   Like watching an episode of Hoarders before cleaning the house, I considered on taking pictures of my workspace just so other crafters could feel better about their areas.  I do not have a brilliant focus that leads me to a coordinated and organized creation space.  I like making tumblers as much as I love creating polymer clay creations.  I enjoy painting original works, but really love it when it is added to a welcome sign or the like.  Both art and purpose is the closest I get to a theme or style.   I have so many items and I rarely take the time to add them to my shop.  I have made the commitment  that is going to change and soon you will be able to see the weird and varied creations that live in my garage.  Read More

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